Monday, July 7, 2008

"Lettuce and Loopers....."

After the tomatoes in the Aero Garden, I planted Romaine Lettuce. I harvested it last night for the first time. I should have begun earlier, but kept putting it off. I have planted lettuce in the many gardens that I have had over the years, and in the greenhouse last year as well, but had never harvested it for some reason or other. So last night was a first! It was delicious! Charlie and Lonny had given Don and I a gift certificate to Vom Fass, a shop of which I have written about before, and we'd brought home a couple of different oils, along with a salad dressing mixer/container. I mixed a dressing, using Sesame Seed Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, salt/pepper, which, I must say was quite good! (as if you could go wrong with those ingredients!) Now, if only we'd had some of those cherry tomatoes, too. :)

This is the other "loopers" rug that I wove for Copper (she has 2 beds). :) Originally, I had thought to weave a rug for the bathroom, which is why I chose these colors, but think having it for her bed works best for now.

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