Thursday, July 24, 2008

"THE Gathering of the Clan....."

Saturday night was the big gathering of the "cousins". This is the "official" family portrait.....but wait.....some of the relatives aren't in it! They had gone outside and didn't hear the call to "line up"! The camera was aligned for this size group........

So when the "stragglers" came in and saw what was happening, they got into position, but unfortunately, Doug (Donna's son), was not totally in the cameras lens. Here is the result of the final photo taken.......everyone who attended that evening but only 1/2 of Doug. :(

It was mentioned numerous times, that this was a rare event and most likely would not be repeated, or if it is, in all probability, not everyone who attended this time would be there for the next one.

Don and I had a very nice time. I'm glad we were able to go to Des Moines early and have the opportunity to visit with Dolly in Cummings, and also go to Earlham, to see first hand, the stone house of his Quaker ancestors.

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