Sunday, June 29, 2008

"My Absence and Riders Before the Storm....."

Some of you faithful readers may have been wondering why no new posts last week. :) I have been in Michigan since last Monday, arriving back home on Saturday. My sister and I had been working on cleaning out our parents home so that we could get it ready to be put up for sale. We FINALLY accomplished this , finishing up last Friday!! The house will be listed as of today, although a "For Sale" sign went up on Friday. Tomorrow, the entire house will have new carpeting installed, and hopefully, buyers will flock to see it, and a bidding war will commence. :) What wishful thinking, eh? :)

I am so happy that it is all done. It will be so nice to go to visit my sister and not have to work on something.

Now to the photos........

The boys of the "hood" went on a bike ride the day before I left, which was Sunday and also the day we had a bad storm during the afternoon. As you can see from the photos, the day started out beautiful, but turned nasty later in the day........the boys, of course, were many miles from home, having ridden down to New Glarus, WI.

Here is Lonny, coming back from "trying" to get Michael moving a little faster, since everyone else was ready. Michael's clock usually ticks to a different time than everyone else's.

Andy strapping on his head gear......

Rob being patient.....

All set to go, posing for their "take off" photo. From left to right: Lonny, Andy, Rob, and Michael.

Charlie and Angela sitting on our deck patiently waiting for the boys to leave. :)

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Not that I seem to care, but do I really look that fat.