Monday, June 16, 2008

"Warping the Loom......"

Before I get to today's blog subject, I wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of meeting, in person, Ms. Molly Bee, of In one of her occasional emails, she'd mentioned that the Sow's Ear,, was having their monthly "spinning social", last Saturday. I'd decided to drive out after Don and I had met Penny and Sheila for breakfast (Sheila having recovered sufficiently from her Monday shoulder replacement!!!), to see, if by chance, Ms. Molly would be there, and introduce myself to her. As fate would have it, she was and we recognized each other immediately from photos on our blogs. I had a nice chat with her, met another friend of hers, Donna, and with my goal achieved, drove home.

I am in the process of setting up my loom to weave another "loopers" rug, for Coppers other bed. Don happened to be home at the time while I was measuring out the warp (on what is called amazingly enough, a warping board) and took a few photos. How unusual, eh? :)

Here I am "dressing" the loom with a number of warp threads. I am using my tensioning device that Don had given me for my birthday. It is the second time I have used it and I am very happy with how well it works.

In this photo, I have all of the warp threads on the loom and am in the process of lacing the metal warp rod onto the rod in the apron, which is attached to the warp beam, so that I will be able to wind the warp onto the warp beam evenly, as it is pulled through the tensioning device. Were you able to keep up with that description? :) If not, just take my word that it works well. :) I have all the warp wound onto the warp beam, and now have to thread the heddles and reed, tie the warp onto the cloth bean, and I will be ready to weave! Hopefully, that will all take place this week.

I also finished a pair of short socks that I knitted for Sean's girlfriend, Becky. If you recall, they are both in San Francisco working on their chef internships. I mailed them, along with a couple of other little surprises last Friday. I feel safe in "assuming" that the package will arrive today and that Becky will not see this post until after she opens her gift.

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