Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"A Mixed Bag of Topics/Photos....."

As you might remember, Don and I were in Colorado a few weeks ago. Driving home, we made it as far as Iowa City, or more accurately, Coralville, IA, and stayed in a Days Inn, along "the strip". Well, that "strip" and Days Inn are under water. The "strip" is between those 2 rows of diagonal trees, and the Days Inn on the right, with the red roof over it's entry to the office. Don had found these photos from an online news story. What are the chances that it would show exactly where we had been? Pretty slim, I'd bet.

And to make it even more unbelievable......this photo was online, too, and shows OUR room!!! We stayed in the lower room to the left, which is above the mailbox in the photo. Our car was parked right next to that mailbox!! I say again....what are the chances!!!???

This is Anna after an afternoon working at the Lake Wingra "clean up". She's still able to smile.....(her "in-laws" were in town, too!). :)

And.....last but certainly NOT least, is Don, wired up to a heart monitor. He's been having a few dizzy spells so this is one of the tests they have decided to have done on him. He hads to have it on for 24 hours, plus keep "an event" diary, meaning when he ate dinner, went to bed, etc. He gets it off this morning.....none too soon!

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Maniphone said...

What are the odds! That's just plain crazy!