Thursday, June 12, 2008

"College Friend in Denver...."

On the day Don and I went to Colorado Springs to see his Uncle Jim, we had dinner plans with a college friend of mine in Denver. Ed and I had met in our sailing class (fulfilling one of our phys. ed. credits). Here he is with wife Suki, and daughter Alessa. We found out after just arriving at their house, that Suki had become an American citizen the previous day. Congratulations to her on that!!

Poor Alessa had to put up with our photo taking and as you will see in the following photos, finally had had enough! :)

Suki and Ed with Bruno in the middle. He was a very affectionate dog and VERY well behaved!

Here goes Alessa's hand! We had a wonderful evening. Suki is an excellent chef, as I have repeatedly been fortunate enough to find out first hand. :)

Enough is enough! Talk to the hand! :) Alessa was a very good sport to put up with us all evening. As mentioned, we had a great evening. It was so good to have seen them. It had been a number of years since we'd gotten together. I think they'd stopped by at the cabin on their way through Michigan and spent the night. If I am correct, it was the weekend prior to my adopting Copper. Copper turned 8 last it has been awhile since we'd visited in person. Thankfully, email is available......although getting Ed to write is not easy. :) Suki is the correspondent and keeps me up to date on their lives. :)

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