Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Neighborhood Potluck....."

The rain stopped at the perfect time last Saturday and the neighborhood potluck was able to go on outside as planned. It was held in Susan/Rick and Rob's backyards. Truly, the sun came out minutes before the gathering was about to begin! :)

The gathering in full swing! The usual group from our end of the block was there, but what made this gathering more special, was that many neighbors from the rest of the block attended.

Jerry (in the brimmed hat), Rob, Alf, Tracie behind Alf, Jeanan, Anna (foreground), Ethel, Maude, Sandra, Tom, and Lonnie in the red shirt.

Susan, with Bridgett and Tracie in the background.

Bridgett, Tracie, and Evie.

Michael and Andy.....

Made' and Vince.

Angela and Mary.

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