Monday, November 12, 2007

"We Go a'Visitin"......."

A few weekends ago, Don and I rode our bike/trike over to visit Sara, Travis, and their new baby, Jonas James, or at times, called "JJ". As some of you will recall, Sara and Travis lived next door to us. They found and moved into a WONDERFUL house about 1 1/2 years ago, not too far away from us. We sat in a fantastic sun room, off of the dining room, which as you can see, was lit perfectly for a photo session. :) This was our first visit to see them in a long time, and our first time meeting Jonas.

Sara and Jonas......

Proud Papa Travis holding his little man........

I got my chance to hold Jonas as well. :) He was very quiet and content for most of the time. When he got a little fussy......that's when it is nice to have Mom and Dad close by, eh? :)
Travis called is Suncle Mike and Suncle Don........a nickname meaning "sort of uncle", thus "Suncle". Clever , eh? :)

I had knitted Jonas a stocking cap and mittens. Don and I figured we'd better get them over to them, since the weather has been a bit "nippy" as of late. :)

Suncle's Don and Mike, Sara holding Jonas, and Rocky, one of their 2 greyhounds. See what I mean about perfect lighting for photos?

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