Thursday, November 8, 2007

"A Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween...."

A Happy Fourth Birthday to Simon!!! It is amazing to me (and I'm sure his parents, Jonathan and Maniphone, would agree), the he can be 4 years old already! Maniphone is great about letting me know when more photos are added to their "Shutterfly" account. It is really nice to be able to keep up on how the kids are growing, see the renovations on the house, and Jonathan's new woodworking projects......although, we'd rather see them in person on a more "daily" level. :)

The next 2 photos are Halloween photos of Sheila and Penny's dachshunds, Tika and their new pup Frankie. Tika rules the roost and is teaching Frankie the fine art of getting a treat "as needed".....more for being cute than doing anything least that's how it goes when I go over to let them out while their Mom's are working.

Weiner #1- Tika

And Weiner #2- Frankie
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