Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"A Visit!"

My son, Sean, and his girlfriend, Becky, came to visit us this past weekend. Sean has been to Madison a few times, but this was Becky's first time here, so naturally, being the tour guides that we are, we took them to the "hot spots" of our city. :)

We started , and did most of our looking around, at shops along Monroe Street. Our first stop was at Art Geko".

Then on to "Orange Tree". Both Sean and Becky are in culinary school in Traverse City, MI. Don and I bought Sean his "starter kit" of knives at "Orange Tree" a few years ago.

After leaving "Orange Tee", we stopped at "Barriques" for coffee and a snack. EVERYONE knows how hungry one gets while shopping! :) Becky also found a very cool "French press coffee mug" that she later went back and purchased. She works at a coffee shop in TC, but had seen nothing like the one she found here.

After "Barriques", we went across to "Trader Joe's" for a look around, then headed down the street to "Wine and Hops". Sean has begun brewing beer........ :)

With both Sean and Becky being vegetarians, they were interested in "Willy Street Co-op" as well. (MY son a vegetarian????!!!!) They also are into buying local produce if possible, so were curious as to what Madison has to offer.....unfortunately, it is too late in the season for the farmers market to be on the square. Hopefully, they will visit again in the markets "high season".

Our last stop was along the top of "Observation Drive". We were very lucky to have had such a beautiful day for photos. :)


Barb said...

Hi Michael,

What a fun visit! Do you know about the winter market at Monona Terrace?

I'm guessing you do but just in case, here's the URL:



Amy said...

You'll have to tell Becky that I think she is very beautiful. What a great picture.