Monday, November 26, 2007


Don and I were invited to join our neighbor Rob's family for Thanksgiving. It was hosted by his sister Laura (foreground) and her husband, Gary (not shown), at their home outside of Verona, WI (about a 10 minute drive for us).

Far background is Dan, Julie's fiance' (another sister of Rob's), his brother John, Rob, Carol (his mother), and hostess Laura.

Host Gary and his father in law, Bob (Rob's dad).

Far background...Tory (sp), Julie's oldest daughter, barely seen Rachel, her youngest. Foreground...Travis next to mom Julie, and matriarch, Carol. I believe that is Dirk with his back to the camera (Carol's oldest son).

Hostess Laura and myself "at rest" between dinner and dessert. :)

And Don letting dinner "settle" before getting his dessert.

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