Monday, November 5, 2007

"Happy Halloween!"

Made' really got into the spirit of decorating for Halloween this year! He constructed a Balinese goddess, although I do not know her name. I do know that I wouldn't want to be on her wrong side!!! Her body is paper mache' and her head is a carved and painted pumpkin.

Michael stopped by, too. REALLY amazing how one's looks are changed by "teeth", eh? He went from a handsome graduate student, to a "Hello Deliverance Boy" in a matter of seconds. :)

The Halloween vigil......... Don and I, along with neighbors, Rob from next door, and Susan, from 2 doors down, sat out on the deck with our candy bowls/baskets during the Trick or Treat hours. It was a slow night....good thing we shared good company and "spirits". :) Lonnie and Charlie also joined us with their candy bowl, leaving it with us to pass out their candy, while they went and played volleyball.

Our last Trick or Treater was Rosa. She and her Mom, Becky, drive over to see us each year. Rosa, with help from her reading buddy (an older student at Rosa's school), made her "White Tiger" costume this year. She and Copper are good buddies.

AND.........Happy Halloween from North Dakota! Holiday greetings were sent from Maniphone, holding Henry, the "Little Pumpkin", and Jonathan, holding Simon, the "Skeleton Boy".

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