Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Creative Cakes....."

Last month, the culinary school that Sean and Becky attend, was invited to hold a "Creative Cake Show" at a small college in Saginaw, MI. Many, many hours were filled with building and rebuilding fragile pieces before the cakes were ready for the show....and of course, some accidents happened to a few of the pieces as they were transported to the show......BUT......."The Show MUST Go On!" :)

Becky and Sean at school working on their cakes.....

Sean's "Old Mill". These are not just empty constructions like a gingerbread house.....they are true cakes that have chocolate sides, etc. If I remember correctly, Sean's cake was a spice cake. Each student had to make 2 easy and a more difficult one. This was his more difficult cake.

Sean's 2nd cake......the "easy" one. :) It has a fly fishing reel, fish hooks, bobber, and a net.....all made out of chocolate or some sort of sugar confection.

This is Becky's difficult cake. She said the bottle broke on the way to the show, so upon arriving she had to reconstruct it as best she could before displaying it.

Becky's "easy" you see the dog's hind end coming out of the leaves?

The hardest part for all of the students, was after the show as people came around and were allowed to taste the cutting into them or by just breaking off a piece and popping it into their mouths. :) I guess now is the time to have "future chefs" get used to the idea of people devouring their creations.

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Barb said...

Oh my god! The cakes are incredible! Sean has obviously inherited your artistic talent. How on earth did Becky do the table cloth???? Magnificent! And the mill... I'm speechless.