Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Frustration.....then Satisfaction"

Yesterday was a bit frustrating. I had planned on replacing a low dresser with 3 tall wall units to gain more storage. I'd gone out Tuesday and bought 2 of them (having to order the 3rd), planning on putting them together yesterday morning. When going through the directions, I found that it was missing pieces and hardware. I opened and looked at the contents of the 2nd box.....same thing, so then I thought perhaps the units had been re-design and the directions updated, but I hadn't gotten the new version. I had to wait a couple of hours before the store opened....called them, and was told to pack up the boxes and bring them back and they would take a look at them (MAJOR frustration......those boxes were HEAVY!). Luckily, I had taken the pieces out carefully and was able to put everything back in pretty much the same order......AND had packing tape to close them up again. Long story short, their directions from the display unit in the store didn't match the ones I had. Upon hearing that, the manager offered to have the 2 units put together for me "at no charge", but would have to charge me to assemble the which I said thanks but no thanks and got my money back.
When arriving home, I decided to try using the old wardrobe (from the front room) I'd brought over from MI, switching it out with the low dresser. After moving them and sorting through clothes (Goodwill.... here I come!), I actually have some empty drawers! Things worked out for the best after all. AND, at no other cost for me than my time..........I am very satisfied with those turn of events. :)

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