Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Other Sights of North Freedom Depot...."

I don't know what these small raised buildings are called, but remember a similar one from a main train crossing in my home town of Benton Harbor, MI. That one was moved years ago to a place outside of town as a "lawn ornament" for a small business. While visiting MI last weekend, I saw that it was being dismantled and looked to be moving to another location. I would LOVE one in our backyard! Since we're already on a hill, the view we'd have of Lake Wingra and the surrounding area would be spectacular! I highly doubt that the city would be willing to hand out a permit for one. :(

This is the "high tech" train crossing sign.........we saw it being used as the next "Pumpkin Express" pulled out of the station.

The old water tower.......

This shows the inside of the restored cars "museum".

Our cars conductor punching our tickets. After taking tickets, he gave a little "info" speech about the areas history. It seems that there were ore mines in La Rue, a small village which we went through on the train. It was basically deserted after the mines closed, and has no houses any longer, but does have one business.....a bar, and even that is now for sale (in case anyone is looking to become a business owner?). Our ride ended at a rock quarry that also was a thriving business in the local economy until sometime earlier in the last century.