Friday, November 30, 2007


My son Patrick, received a surprising birthday gift from his girlfriend Julie. Yep, a 13 week old German Shorthair puppy, named Odie. :) Over the past few years, he has talked about wanting one of this breed, so when Julie heard about a family wanting to find Odie a good home, she jumped at the chance.

One of the nice things about having him be a bit older, is that he was already house trained (not sure if there have been accidents, though).

All of these photos were taken last weekend when Patrick and Julie went to her parents for the Thanksgiving weekend. I knew that they also had dogs, but didn't realize a couple of them were also German Shorthairs, too. These photos only show one, but there was another, older dog, in one of the photos. (I asked Don to do some cropping on the photos for me) Looks like Odie can tussle with the best of them, eh? :)

"Whew! That wore me out.....guess I'll take a little break."

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Barb said...

ooooh! a puppy! Odie is just adorable! When do you get to meet him?