Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Snowy Michigan....."

When I arrived in Michigan, there was easily a foot or so of snow on the ground....perhaps 5" of it newly fallen. In fact, Patrick was on his tractor plowing the driveway. He also had to clear a path to the "guest camper" door, too. ;)

As you can see in this photo, it was snowing as I arrived. It actually snowed every day I was there.

Each morning we awoke to new snow. Thankfully, it wasn't in any large amount, but enough to keep everything pristine white.

Patrick and Julie's home, outside of Brethren, MI, is in the Manistee National Forest.

They do have neighbors, but no one as close as most of us are used to........

The "Guest Camper"......I know I have posted photos of it before, but none with snow on it. :)

Guests have a beautiful view of the forest, too.

I have made some changes inside the camper. I took down the table and made that into the bed, leaving the couch "as is" so I have a comfortable place to read or knit without having to set up and take down the bed each day.

On one of our trips into Manistee, we stopped at a popular bargain store, where I found these throw pillows at an extremely good price, making my "sitting area" even more comfortable. ;)

More of my Michigan visit tomorrow......

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Barb said...

I adore your camper. For some reason I thought it was further from the house. Nice that it's close but still with a great view. In the National Forest! Wow! That's really cool. Is there anywhere to have a garden though?