Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"It's All About Abigail......"

Well....maybe not all. I wanted to post a photo of their Christmas tree, too. I helped Patrick set up and decorate it. The bottom half of the tree is wrapped with lights and the whole thing is behind a huge trunk and child gate to protect it from a little inquisitive girl. She was totally infatuated with it and tried many, many times, to get closer to it. :) This will most likely be the last year that they will be able to protect it this way..... :)

Poor Abigail had a bad diaper rash while I was there, too. She was given a little reprieve and allowed to run around for a bit "diaper-less". Being the nice and considerate Grandpa that I am, I did not try to get a "blackmail" photo to embarrass her in her teenage years.....

I baked some banana bread one of the days I was visiting and these next few photos are of Abigail enjoying some.......

Is she a "photographic ham" or what????

A "dainty" eater, she is not.......

Patrick holds her "Kitty" while Abigail has "Cookie Monster", a gift from Uncle Sean at Thanksgiving when he came to visit.

Abigail wearing her tie-dyed "onesie" that Don gave her for her birthday. As you may have guessed, "Kitty" gets carried around quite a bit. :)

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