Thursday, December 23, 2010

"The Last Posting of Claire's Visit......"

On the Friday night of Claire's visit, we went out to dinner and had Barb, Geoff, and Rob join us. After dinner, we came back to the house as we had some time to kill before we were off to the Brick Lounge to enjoy "Piano Fondue" (dueling pianos). In this photo, Geoff is looking through a photo album that Claire brought with her, which she left with us so Don could scan photos that we don't already have.

Here, Rob and Barb join Geoff in looking at some of them as well.......

Jumping around chronologically, we move to Sunday morning when we met Sheila (in red) and Penny at Sardine for brunch. It was a very somber time......NOT!!!! We laughed and laughed, having a very good time! See the smirk that Sheila is trying to hold back? That should give you an idea as to what sort of time we were having......

Later, when we arrived home, I decided it was time for Claire to open Christmas presents. First, from her stocking.....a PEZ dispenser. She GUESSED what it was from just feeling the wrapped package!!!!

Another present was a "re-gifting". My Great Aunt Dordy was a china painter and painted some Christmas plates in 1959. I felt it time to give Claire one for her studio apartment, knowing she did not have room for a Christmas tree. This way she can still decorate a little for the season.

One of her main gifts was a shawl that I knitted for her. Hopefully, she will be able to put it to good use. :)

We had a wonderful time with Claire during her visit to Madison. We hope that she will come visit again......also, we hope that she will be able to join us for a few days when we celebrate Don's 60th birthday in Traverse City, MI this coming Spring, too. Time will tell, eh? :)

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