Monday, December 6, 2010

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree......."

The Christmas tree was actually set up the Friday following Thanksgiving, but we didn't it get fully decorated until last Saturday. Too many things got in the way for it to happen quickly, but since there wasn't a got done in plenty of time for my daughter Claire's visit this week.

Here is Don getting ready to put on some of the lights, which basically were the hold up for not getting it done earlier. Some of the light strings just didn't want to work and stay working, so drastic measures had to be taken......I bought some new ones. ;)

Just about finished. The glass icicles were the last ornaments to go on the tree. As you can see, Copper kept a close eye on me until the tree was decorated, then she took a nap......all that supervision wore her out.

Who's got a "Santa Body"? Ho, Ho, Ho.......

The finished tree.

The finished tree a little later with less daylight. We're very happy with it this year and enjoy it very much.


Maniphone said...

You are too funny! Ho, ho, ho! Again, love the beautifully decorated tree!

Janice Zindel said...

Your tree is beautiful, and they are so wonderful to enjoy, aren't they? Does Madison have much snow? Now, back to reading further back and see if you have been doing more "fibering!"

Susan said...

Great looking tree :)


MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous tree! I can't wait to get to Maine and see mine Thursday!