Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Patrick's Case Tractor......"

My son, Patrick, as you may remember, lives in Michigan. He has a fairly long driveway and parking area to plow in the winter, and his snowblower just wasn't doing the job to his satisfaction, so he bought this Case Tractor.....yep, bringing in the big boy to do the job! He and his father in law, Jim, who is in the photo moving a pile of leaves, got the old tractor up and running smoothly. This tractor will also make keeping the snow cleared from around the "guest house" (read old camper) doors, too, so that I will be able to easily use it this winter when visiting the kids.

I spoke with Patrick on the phone yesterday and he may just get the chance to put this tractor to work today......8-10 inches of "lake effect" snow was possible. "Tis the season!"

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Barb said...

ooooh! tractor! I want one!!