Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Horseback Riding in Michigan....."

While visiting in Michigan, I went with Patrick, Julie, and Abigail to the horse barn where Julie does some riding. There are 2 horses that Julie has access to ride....the 1st one being a very gentle one so that Abigail gets to go riding as well. This is "Abigail's" horse getting groomed by Patrick, prior to Julie and Abigail's ride. As you can see, Abigail has no fear....... ;)

Julie and Abigail mounted and ready for their ride around the arena.

Here is a close up of "The little Snow Princess" all bundled up and ready to ride. ;)

The ride is actually a walk around the arena with Patrick as escort. :) Usually once around the ring in the Winter cold and the ride is over, but in the warmer months, Abigail gets to ride for a longer time.

This is the other horse that Julie rides. I was told both horses names but have forgotten them. Having just come inside from the paddock, Julie puts it's halter on prior to taking it down to groom before the saddle blanket and saddle go on.

Family portrait. :) After this was taken, I went with Patrick and Abigail into Manistee. Julie stayed at the barn, groomed her horse and rode for awhile. This horse is a bit more "frisky" so Abigail is not allowed on it, but being so, gives Julie a good work out, too.

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