Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Early Christmas....."

Claire arrived with a huge suitcase......quite heavy I might add, too. I found out why on Friday morning when she presented us with our Christmas gift. She knows of our love of biking and found this iron and ceramic bike plant stand in DC. Amazingly, it fit into her suitcase! It will make a beautiful addition to the deck.

In turn, Claire got to open one of her presents. Fair is fair, right? ;)

Oh, how original! A couple of pair of socks! Copper looks on to see if there was something to eat in the box, too.

She mentioned that a friend of hers would love a pair, so I happily cranked a pair out that morning after we chose which one of the hand dyed skeins of yarn to use.

More to follow.......


MollyBeees said...

Lucky girl! Your socks ROCK!

Maniphone said...

You are so amazing!