Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The final photos from Olbrich Gardens......"

Now that I am back from visiting family in Michigan, I will continue posting about Claire's Madison visit.

Continuing our time at Olbrich Gardens, we went into the conservatory where we saw these little guys/girls running around in the underbrush and across the paths. They were quite elusive, but being the great white hunters (you have to be of an older age to get that reference) we are, we got'em! ;)

A bit blurry, but that has to be expected when shooting "on the run".

They are all so tiny!

Down on the bridge prior to checking out the fish.......

It was MUCH cooler down there, too, making it a pleasant spot to hang out.

The size of some of the fish! Truly amazing! And quite beautiful, too.

After being upstairs on the highest level (and possibly could be awarded the "shortest time" spent by a visitor up there), I hot footed it back down to "low bridge" where it was MUCH cooler. I don't think I could have stood it any longer even if dressed for summer.

Taken down in the "cool spot". Everything is relative, eh? ;)

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