Friday, December 24, 2010

"An Early Christmas With Abigail....."

During last weeks visit with the kids in Michigan, we celebrated an early Christmas. Todays post is granddaughter Abigail opening her gifts from Don and me.

She had just opened the one with her "new" loon.....I say new because we'd bought her one last year when we were on vacation in Bayfield, WI, up on the shore of Lake Superior. After we saw and bought the "new" one, I had a flash back of our getting her one before, but figured "why not another"? ;)

Who says a little child can't hold onto one present and rip open another? :)

A little sweater that I knitted for her. We found the pattern and yarn when we were in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, at the main shop of "Patternworks" (, while on vacation this past summer. Gotta always be on the lookout.........

In the same package was another little surprise.....a "glittery" horse Christmas ornament.

She figured she better set her loon down to help open this bigger package.

Takes 2 hands to get a good grip for ripping wrapping paper........

I had also knitted her a soft and fuzzy robe for her to wear when she is a bit older/bigger. Again, we found the yarn at the Patternworks shop in New Hampshire.

Next post, Abigail helps Patrick and Julie open their Christmas gifts......

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