Friday, September 10, 2010

"Wisconsin Highland Games...."

Last weekend, we drove over to Waukesha, Wi (a little over an hour east of Madison, outside of Milwaukee), to attend the 2010 Wisconsin Highland Games.

The first competition we stopped to watch was the Heavy Weight Throw for Distance. I'm not totally sure that I am correct in calling it that, but after looking at the list of competitions, I "believe" that is the one we saw.

For this event, the competitor follows a specific foot pattern to wind up for the throw, very similar to a shot put technique that might be more familiar to most of us.

With each turn the weight gains more momentum.

The competitors came in all shapes and sizes............

And it is also a women's event, too. In this photo, she is just at the beginning of her wind up pattern, one foot in the box and the other about to come in to plant for the first turn or twist.

Believe me when I say that there is a lot of strength expended to throw the weight. It may look easy, but it truly is an event that takes skill and a lot of practice. You could tell from watching several of the competitors just who had been at this a long time and those who were just beginning or newer to the competition.

More to follow..............


MollyBeees said...

Love the second pic where the big burly Scotsman appears to be lighter than air and levitating! Have fun at Sheep and Wool. Leave some stuff for me to buy tomorrow!

Barb said...

yeah, I think you should title that one "Twinkle Toes" :)