Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Back to the Loom and Fairy Yarnmother""

I started getting my Harrisville floor loom ready for more weaving. I ordered more "loopers" from Great Northern Weaving supply, but also had them include some "rag" material so that I will be able to try a rag rug, which I have not done before. Truthfully, my loom is not designed to weave rugs, as I will not be able to beat them as tight as recommended (the frame being too light), but look as it as a chance for some "experimentation". When I begin on that, I will hopefully remember to take some photos.

This photo shows how I attach the warping frame to my loom with "spring clamps". How did I ever set this loom up with out them? They are terrific!

In this photo, I am winding the warp onto the back beam, using my Harrisville Tensioning Device. It really has helped me with making winding the warp on much easier. As those of you who weave can see, the warp is being wound onto the beam in a very strange way. I "think" I hadn't done this for too long and somehow messed up my cross while measuring out the warp. I guess I will see if I have made a non-salvagable error as soon as I thread the heddles and begin weaving..........

I also attended the annual Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI last week. I hadn't planned on buying much, but was on the lookout for knitting patterns. You never know when you're going to feel the need to knit for a grandchild. ;) I am pleased to say that I did purchase some nice patterns and also a couple of skeins of yarn specific to one of the patterns.

I stopped and took this photo of Susan Forbes booth, also known as the Fairy Yarnmother. The 2 racks (middle and right in the photo), are her "one of a kind" sock blanks. Her dyed sock blanks are knitted with 2 strands of sock yarn so that when pulling the yarn to knit, using 1 strand for each sock, you will have 2 identical socks when finished. Her color combinations are so varied.....striking, vibrant, or subtle colors...........ALL beautiful!

A "Business Portrait" of Susan with her wares. ;) Notice her Moebius/Mobius (I found it spelled both ways....) shawl?

Susan will be demonstrating how she dyes her sock blanks at the annual Wisconsin Machine Knitting Guild (a flat bed knitting group) picnic this coming Saturday at the Verona Library. The local CSM "crankers" have been asked to bring their machines to the gathering and demonstrate how they work.....and allow some "hands on time" for those who have never seen or worked on one before. It should be fun. :)


MollyBeees said...

OY! The Verona Library is my second home! Er...third after my nest and the Ear. What time do you start?

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