Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Riding the Drive......"

A few weeks ago, we rode in the 2nd "Ride the Drive" of the Summer, along with thousands of other people. I think we were on vacation (?) when the last one was held. We rode over to Olin Park and joined the ride at Lakeside Street, where it began on John Nolen Drive. This view is between Monona Bay and Lake Monona.

Directly between the bodies of water, and the Capitol in sight. Notice the kites?

We stopped to listen to a group of drummers who were performing in the tunnel under Monona Terrace. Notice the bicycle version of "Easy Rider" next to Don?

A video clip of the drummers.......


On a side street off of East Washington (part of which was closed off to car traffic as well), a group of guys were playing "bike polo".

They were having a good time as an ever changing crowd looked on........

We stopped at the Trek tents to take a look at the new Electric Assist models. Here Don is next to the new "cargo bike", which will be available this coming Fall. Pretty cool, eh?

A view of the Capitol from East Washington..........

Even though I was on "My" electric assist bike........Don still had to wait for me to catch up. The crowded street of bicyclists didn't make it easy to keep together, so he made the green light, while I got stopped by the red light.

A perfect day for the Ride the Drive to take place............

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