Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"A Knight and The Clans......"

We found "The Knights" horse peacefully grazing behind a rope enclosure. A beautiful animal but MUCH smaller than the horses used "back in the day" when the horse bred for carrying all the weight, a Destrier, stood around 24 hands tall. A hand equals 4", making the horses used for bearing a knight and accompanying armor weight, at least 8 feet tall at the withers [where the neck begins on the back]....a VERY tall horse! Not only were they tall, but they were also bred for strength and stamina, meaning massive muscles. Those breeds are now extinct, but attempts at breeding for "size/type" using Clydesdales and Quarter horses have been successful.

Don in the "Medieval Camp". The sign says "A Knight To Remember".......

The Knight's foot soldier (I hope I have that correct).......

Our Knight explaining his place in history and his armor's evolution and function.

The "cone type shape" of his chest armor was to assist a "jousting pole" to slide off to the side rather than pierce the armor and kill the knight. A brilliant innovation, I'd say, wouldn't you?

Sir Knight leading the "Parade of Clans".........

The parade began at the "Gathering of Clans" (where each clan had a booth with information, etc.), and wound through the festival, marching to the sound of a lone bagpipe.

I do not know how many clans were represented that day, but it was a colorful mix of tartans.

Some tartans look similar to each other, but there is a definite difference between them.

A closer view of Clan Gunn. Notice the painted face?

As you can see, some of the tartans have much more contrasting colors than others.

Sir Knight as they call the Clan names when they march into the field where the "Gathering of Clans" was set up.

Later in the afternoon, Sir Knight showed his prowess at jousting and "piercing a heart". No "Cone Chested" armor for the jousting targets. ;)

Tomorrow, bagpipers.......

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