Thursday, September 2, 2010

"We Head to the Iowa State Fair!"

We drove downtown and parked so that we could take an "air conditioned" shuttle out to the fair grounds. Behind Sherry and Don is Iowa's State Capitol Building.

A full view of the buildings dome.......

The plan was to meet George, Cindy, Roy, and Janet at the Capitol (Jodie decided not to go), and we'd meet up with Scott and Valerie at the Fair. Cell phones played an important role that day..........

Our first visit to the Iowa State Fair is now truly documented. ;) No mistaking our "fair photos" for any other fair now that we have this little beauty.......I mean this photo, not Don! (although it has been said........) ;)

A partial view of the fairgrounds with its "multitudes". We were quite fortunate that the sky was somewhat overcast for most of the morning. It was VERY hot and VERY humid. The sky did clear up later and the sun came out with a vengeance, making it even hotter. Don continually handed me a water bottle to sip from and kept me hydrated. I can truthfully say that I do not ever remember being as hot as I was that day.

Tomorrow.....Iowa State Fair continued.

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