Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Test Ride and Silver Polishing......"

Our friend, Woody, called me a few weeks ago and asked if he could come and take my electric assist bike for a test ride. He'd taken a short ride on it one night while he was here for happy hour, but was hoping I'd allow him to take it for a longer ride, so he could actually see how he liked it. Yep.....he is interested in getting one. Exciting, yes? ;)

Here he is back from a 4.2 mile ride. He loved it! He made sure that he really tested it, too, but riding up the hill on Tokay Blvd. If you know THAT hill, you'll understand why it is a good test hill. For those of you who do not know it, suffice to say that it is steep as well as long. I think a Trek Electric Assist Bike is in Woody's future........

I decided it was time to get the silver tea set out and polish it, too. I needed to take some photos of it and of course, it needed to be nice and shiny for those. Here is the sugar bowl sitting in cleaner, with the lid already cleaned. I'd also cleaned the creamer before I thought to take before photos of the pieces (seen to the right).

2 pieces finished, 1 big one to go............

Thank goodness for Tarn-X.......it worked like a charm. As you can see, it had been a long time since these pieces had been polished.

Don helped out by taking some photos, too. I think he figured that people should know that it really is me doing the cleaning. ;)

The completed set, photographed and ready to be stored again. :)


MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous tea set! I'm a Tea Girl. All of the world's problems can generally be solved over a hot cuppa.

Susan Forbes said...

Hi Mike,

My I have a similar tea set from my mom. Once polished, she used to keep it tarnish free by putting it inside plastic bags. It works :) xoxoxoxo Susan