Monday, September 27, 2010

Lonnie and Charlie's Baby Shower Continued....."

Krista came with the twins, Zoe and Kai, with Jacob meeting them at the shower a few minutes later. Lonny's sister (blue top/long brown hair), came from Iowa with his 2 nephews to attend the shower......and Lisa (lower left) is another friend of theirs that we know.

Matt and Emily have created a really nice play area for Addie, which Benjamin and Angela took advantage of while there.

Is this little guy having fun or what??!!

"Mr. Photogenic"

Lonnie with Phil and Sabine.

The baby shower was a very nice gathering. Good people, good conversation, good all round good time.

It isn't much longer until we have a new little neighbor boy, too. He is due the 2nd weekend of October........"if" he chooses to appear then. He may have other ideas as to when he will arrive. ;)

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