Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Family Gathering at Sherry's......"

The night of our arrival, Sherry had made plans for everyone to gather at her house for dinner. From left to right are: Roy, Cindy, Scott, Valerie, Don, Janet, Jodie, George, and Sherry. Cindy and George came in from Las Vegas, Scott and Valerie from Kansas City, and Janet from California.

Janet decided I needed to have my photo taken as well...........

We also celebrated Sherry and Janet's birthday's, too, although they were not that weekend.

The desserts! The cake on the left was the surprise birthday cake, and the dessert on the right was the one that Sherry had made for the group. Sherry confessed later that she'd cheated when making her dessert. It was layered ice cream sandwiches, Cool Whip, and chocolate sauce. She felt guilty because everyone raved about it, so she had to "come clean" about it. ;)

Some childhood stories were brought up, too......something about Scott having an electrical cord as his "security item" (instead of a blanket) as a little boy. Of course, he strongly denies that, but George was "helping him" feel safe as Valerie (who told the story, swearing that his mother was the person who told her....) looks on and laughs along with the rest of us. :)

Tomorrow the Iowa State Fair!

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