Friday, September 3, 2010

"Our Day at the Iowa State Fair Continued....."

One of the 1st stops that the group made was at a "Deep Fried Mac & Cheese" vendor! I'm not sure who couldn't wait to get some fried food, but I do know it wasn't Don or me. George is snapping a photo of Don as Sherry watches the dueling camera boys. Roy, Janet, and Cindy are at the counter. I think Cindy was almost jumping up and down with the excitement of it all...... ;)

The Deep Fried Mac & Cheese. We all tasted was "OK", but not something to cause me to crave it again.

A piece of "chainsaw sculpture".

A friend of Sherry's (front row, white top/denim skirt) performed in the "Country Music Line Dancing".

Roy does love to dance. Here he is with daughter Janet, dancing to the music during the line dancing performance.

More of our day at the Iowa State Fair continued in my next post............

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MollyBeees said...

I'm so glad you guys could join us tonight! What a happy surprise! Had to come right home and look up the pic of the deep fried mac and cheese! :-) Sounds like it was another case of the idea of it is better than the actual thing. I found this to be true of deep fried Twinkies too! Have a great rest of your holiday weekend! Hope to get together with you again soon!