Monday, November 9, 2009


Adding this other facet, sewing, to my fiber addiction, er, I mean hobby, also meant needing added storage. I solved that by using one of the rolling cabinets (under window) that I had in the bedroom and purchasing 1 more (B,B, and B). I also went to Home Concept and picked up 2 tall bookcases. By adding the bookcases, I was able to bring out all of the weaving/knitting equipment, plus rug warp/wefts that I had stored in drawers/boxes elsewhere in the house, giving me back much needed clothing storage.

The shelving allowed me to bring all of my weaving/knitting/spinning books together in one place, too.

My drum carder was too large for the new shelving, so had to stay where it was prior to the re-organization, but it is still handy in the same room. The small CD shelving unit became a table top model so that I could continue to have photographs and a few other decorative things about the room.

So far, I am very pleased with how everything has worked out, although, I'm sure I will constantly be updating some of the storage as I add yet more "necessities" to the room. ;)

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Janice Zindel said...

Nicely organized and workable, Mike, enjoying your blog and seeing what you are weaving, and now sewing, too.