Friday, November 6, 2009

"Halloween Gathering on the Deck......"

As has become an annual tradition, our deck became the gathering spot for handing out Halloween "treats" to kids and adults alike.

Here are the "Twins", Andy and Rob, alongside "Weather Patterns", Javon and Theron. Javon's costume was a little sneaky.....hers was "with a chance of showers" and had a little "nozzle tip" positioned at the V of her blouse, with a hand held bottle behind her back. Rob is the only person from our group who had rain that night...... LOL

Krista and Jacob brought the real twins, Kai and Zoe down to spend some time with us. Poor Kai looks like he is being held like a sack of potatoes, eh? We soon took care of that...... ;)

Miguel, as one of Rob's employees. Sarcasm at its best......and true, too!

Our neighborhood kids in their first Halloween costumes. Anna holding son, Henry Michael, me holding Zoe and Kai, with Benjamin standing in front.

Ladybug Bridgett, holding leash of Ladybug Ginger, with Evie. Michael, sorry, Miguel, and Lonny looking on.......

Kim and Bumblebee Ruby stopped by to say hello, too.

Last but not least, Perry with companion, Zoe, stopped by for a visit, too. When Don saw the many costumed neighbors, he quickly went in and got his "Grim Reaper" gear on (though without the face paint).

Afterward, we went across the street for a bit to Lonny and Charlie's front yard where they had started a nice fire. It was pretty cold that night, so the fire was greatly appreciated.

After we came home and were settling in for the night, we had one more Trick or Treater. Well, really 2.......Becky and Rosa came by on their annual Halloween stop. They'd been running late, but still made it a point to stop by to show Rosa' costume (Ninja) and Becky was dressed this year, at Rosa's insistence, as a trench coated Detective, felt hat and all. :)

As usual, a good time was had by all.


MollyBeees said...

Love the pic of you with all of the little ones in costume! Adorable!

Janice Zindel said...

Love the little kids costumes! It's one of the things I miss living "up north." It will be fun to see them again in future. You have great friends and neighbors, Mike!