Monday, November 23, 2009

"More Space Bag Use...."

On Sunday, I once again put some Space Bags into use. They now hold a rather large supply of "loopers" and yarns. The loopers had been in a large cardboard box on top of my wardrobe, and the yarns in "under the bed plastic storage bins". By using the Space Bags, I was able to minimize their volume to a fraction of their original size. The loopers are now stored in my wardrobe cabinet, along with Space Bags full of fiber. The yarns are still in the plastic storage bins, but there now is more yarn in each bin. By consolidating the yarn, I now have full use of my dresser to store clothing....what a novel idea, eh?. :)

Don was able to take a couple short movies of the process of the air being vacuumed from the Space bag. I love seeing the "action"! LOL

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