Monday, November 16, 2009

"Final Random Photos of Forestry Field Day...."

Here I am holding a sleeping Henry. He was the perfect baby that day, sleeping through both the chain saw and portable saw mill motor sounds. He was also wearing a pair of the socks that I had given him......

Which Don took a close photo up of for just this purpose! LOL

I can't remember if Anna and I are protecting ourselves by being behind a tree because of the tree falling or the horse team as they head towards us......I "think" it was to make sure we were not in the horse teams path. ;)

Another photo of the sleeping Henry when up by the portable saw mill.......

A photo of Henry's Dad, Michael, along with the woman who took video of each event of Forestry Field Day.

This is my last entry of that days events. Once again, we had a very nice time. Michael did an excellent job with organizing the day, along with the help of Luke and the others involved. Perhaps it will become an annual event? :)

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