Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Forestry Field Day, Part 2....."

During the days events, a free wagon ride was offered to those interested. A team of very well behaved horses pulled a wagon through the park.

I LOVE wagon teams! Years ago when we lived on our small farmette, I actually had a team of small donkeys that pulled a small buckboard wagon........of which, I just so happen to have a photo. ;)

Another photo of the wagon and horse team......

One of the main events of the day was using a team of horses to pull the downed logs to a portable mill on site (photos of that later). This team of horses has competed in contests internationally and had won 1st place. As you can imagine, they were a treat to watch in action.

The log cart pulled behind them is used to lift the end of the log off the ground so that they are pulling the log and not "plowing" the earth with it. I will have some photos later which show them pulling a log out of the woods without it.

This team is "voice trained", too, which means they listen and act upon verbal directions. In this photo they'd backed the cart to the log and wait patiently for their next instructions.

The owners, a married couple, worked as a team, showing they have had MUCH practice, too. ;)

After connecting the chains to the log, it was dragged out from where it had been felled and re-adjusted to lift the end of the log higher for easier and more efficient dragging.

The team dragging the log to the portable mill.

A few more photos of the team in action......

More photos of Forestry Field Day to follow......


MollyBeees said...

Love the forestry day stuff. My Poppy had a team of horses that he used to pull wood and also the potato harvester. Not at the same time.

Barb said...

Donkeys! Man, you've done it all! Thanks so much or sharing the forestry day stuff, wish we could have been there.