Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Our 1st Full Day at Bayfield....."

I know it is unusual for me to post a blog entry on a weekend, but we have so many photos of the trip that I feel I must or I will be blogging about it way too long afterwards and not be able to post about our exciting daily life in Madison. ;)

As many of you know, Don and I are pretty early risers. Being on vacation doesn't really change that. :) Here are a couple of morning views from our deck........

Yes, I also brought "fixin's" to make breakfast, too. We ate breakfast out on the deck in the bright morning sun. :) We did not do this every day, as we wanted to check out local places for breakfast, too. :)

A view of the house we stayed at from across the street. We had the entire 2nd story......Unit 3.

Our plan that morning was to take the Grand Island Cruise through the Apostle Islands. Here is Don on the pier that led to the "Island Princess".

Seagulls at rest and we "think" on the metal roof for warmth, too. It was somewhat chilly that morning.

We never saw anyone around this boat, but it is a beautiful one to be sure, eh?

Incoming ferry from Madeline Island.

Our cruise boat the Island Princess........

A small geodesic dome home sitting above the town.....

Cruise day continued tomorrow.......

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