Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Fruit Bowl and Sunday....."

When we were in Bayfield, I wanted to find a fruit bowl that had drainage. Most that I have seen are smaller berry bowls, but we found this one, which is sized more like a colander, at "Eckels Pottery". Don couldn't resist taking a photo of it filled with fruit.

Last Sunday, Madison hosted the annual Ironman Competition. Our neighbor, Tracie, was competing, so Rob, Don, and I rode our bikes downtown to see if we could see Tracie run by and yell encouragement to her.

We'd stopped at Monona Terrace to watch the competitors "transition" from bikes to running, but thought we were too early to see Tracie, so rode further into downtown and parked ourselves along the runners route to wait for her. After waiting for over 45 minutes, we finally came to the decision that Tracie "might " be ahead of her predicted time, so we decided to move along the route in hopes that we would see her at one of the routes backwards loops. That proved true since she actually yelled at us when she passed by as we were slowly making our way down State Street through the crowds. To be fair, we were spotting ourselves along the route according to times that Bridgett had sent us, not knowing that Tracie was beating her training times. After Tracie yelled at us, we sped as quickly as we could to get off of State Street and over to the intersection of Langdon Street and Carroll Street, which was blocked off for the runners. We made it just in time and were able to see (yell at) Tracie. She looked GREAT!!! After swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles, she looked "fresh"as can be running her 26.2 miles. She was AWESOME!!!!!! By the way......this was her 4th, yes, 4th......Ironman!

After seeing Tracie, we had to stop and admire Lake Mendota from the Union Terrace. Of course, we also had to "toast" Tracie with a beer, too. ;)

When we arrived home, Andy and Benjamin were outside playing, so Don was able to take this nice photo of the two of them. The cat belongs to Rick and Susan, but I don't know his name.

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