Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Madeline Island....."

We took the Madeline Ferry for a day visit to Madeline Island. Here is the ferry as it was being loaded. It was completely full with cars and people when we left.

Backpack in hand with flannel shirt and fleece inside "just in case" it was cooler on the water. I did put my flannel on, but halfway to the island took it off.

Another ferry heading back to Bayfield from La Pointe, the village on Madeline Island.

Our arrival at La Pointe. We chatted with a couple who brought their recumbents to tour the island, while we......

RENTED MOPEDS!!!!! I loved it! This was Don's first time riding a moped (except when trying out Jeanan's new one last year in the neighborhood). We had a good time cruising the island on them. Don was able to go much faster on his since he weighs MUCH less than I do, so even on the moped, he had to slow down and wait for me to catch up....just like he does when we bike ride, too.

The shoreline along the island was beautiful with many places that were "super steep" down to the lake.

Yep.....I was made to pose and smile.....same old, same old. :)

Another gorgeous view......

In many places, once one were to get down the steep slope to the lake, there were many flat areas to walk along from stone shelf to shelf......

The water of Lake Superior was crystal clear, too.

A cool, in my opinion, rock formation.......

A stone bench at one of the "look out" points.

A lake view on our return trip of the entire village of Bayfield. The house where we were staying is just about dead center along the waterfront in this photo.

Tomorrow, our walking tour around Bayfield......

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