Thursday, September 10, 2009

"The Old Iron Bridge......"

This bridge of which you are about to see photos, is right in town, although once in the ravine that it spans, you'd not think so. This ravine is one of the 3 ravines that brought havoc to the town during the 1942 flood, and which carried so much water in front of the library, that the street was washed away.

A view of the Old Iron Bridge.

We decided to hike the trail that goes under it and up into the ravine.

The trail was maintained very well "until" a little further back. Then a sign blocked the trail and basically called the trail to an end. We could see the trail continue, and yes, it wasn't as nicely maintained, but we took the chance and followed it further.

As I mentioned earlier, you'd never have known that you were in the middle of town. It was so quiet and we saw no other people while hiking the trail.

There is a small stream that flows through the ravine, too.

And yes, it is all up hill......

"Mr. Graceful" making my way across the stream to the "end" of the maintained part of the path, ready to follow Don deeper up into the ravine. ;)

After we emerged from the path, Don took this photo to try and show how deep the ravine was. From where we were, you could not see the bottom of the ravine.

Emerging at the top of the "path", which we climbed, literally using roots, trees, and rocks for handholds, we found this little number. Yes, it is a BEAR TRAP!!! A bear had been making a nuisance of itself in the town and so a trap was set. This trap was at the edge of the elementary school parking lot, perhaps 50 feet from the building. We knew then, we WERE "up north". :)

A view of the beginning of the trail from the Old Iron Bridge.

Also a view from the bridge, with part of Madeline Island in the distance.

Tomorrow.....Superior, WI and Duluth, MN.

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