Thursday, September 17, 2009

"My Experiment With "Space Bags"....."

As you know, I have now been spinning, weaving, and knitting for a number of years. During this time, I have accumulated quite a bit of "stash", as it is called in the fiber world. Some has been given to me (thanks Barb and Angela!) and much I have bought. I have bought sets of plastic drawers to help contain and organize my fiber, but still it grew. Of course, if I would stop buying "new" fibers, and use more of what I have, then it woudn't be a problem. I have learned my lesson and now know what I actually have, since I used "Space Bags"! No more having fiber hidden inside cardboard boxes that caused "out of sight, out of mind". I can now clearly see everything that I have through the plastic of the Space bags.

Here are a few before photos of "my stash". I bought 1 box of Space bags to experiment with, which included 3 medium and 3 large sized bags.

I had rovings and fleece in drawers, bags, and boxes. Yes, it was all labeled but not seen, so it was as if I really didn't have it. (Yes, I know, my own memory limitations.....)

A close up of "bumps" (wound balls of roving) and "batts" (fleece which has been run through the drum carder).

Here is a before photo of a full washed fleece. Inside, I have some of the un-carded fleece (inside a plastic bag) and some which I had run through the drum carder. Notice the candle sticks and tip of the white roving behind the bag.

Here is the after photo of the same bag. Its volume is reduced by at least one half, plus it is now protected from, moths, dust, and humidity.

Another before photo of bumps of roving.

And the after photo.....

This after photo shows the entire "collection" of fleece and roving that I had shown you in the first 3 photos. I didn't have enough bags to have everything sealed away, but certainly made a dent on my space problem. By doing this, I was able to open up a couple of drawers, which I promptly filled with extra yarn, but still, I made more space and was able to "de-clutter" some more. By the way, the Space Bags are reusable, too, so I can get something out and re-seal them again.


Janice Zindel said...

Great idea, Mike, where does a spinner find "Space Bags?"

correspondent said...

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