Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Cruise Day Continued....."

A view of Bayfield from the cruise boat......

Madeline Island was on our right when we left to cruise out into the Apostle Islands.

Our first "close up" of one of the islands. This one is Basswood Island.

Our first sight of how the water has begun cutting underneath the sandstone rock.

This is the opposite end of Basswood Island. The rock formation on the end is called "Honeymoon Rock". It used to be connected to the island with a stone arch, but unfortunately, that part collapsed in 1975.

This is our first sighting of the lighthouse on Devils Island. The island is the northern most point of land in Wisconsin. This island is known for its large sea caves, some of which are seen here.

The largest sea caves line this part of the shore.

A closer view of some of them.......

And yet more. As you can also see, the day we went for our cruise was a very calm one, too.

This is the lighthouse on Raspberry Island. Tours are available at certain times when a ranger is on duty.

The cruise was very enjoyable. If visiting the area, I would consider it a "must see".

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