Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"The Loon and Friday's Happy Hour....."

Don and I had picked up a stuffed animal, The Baby Loon, while we were up north, to give to Benjamin. You press a point on the back and it makes the sound of the loon....that eerie, mournful sound. :) I love that sound actually. Benjamin didn't really know what to do with the package.

LOL.....He wasn't too sure about the stuffed Loon either. :) Andy says that he knows where to press the back to make the sounds, but he uses only 1 finger (like he has seen everyone else do), but he isn't quite strong enough to press hard enough yet.

Friday's Happy Hour had new visitors, too! My cousins from Grand Rapids, MI, timed their arrival to Madison (on their way to CO to visit their daughter, Kim) to coincide with happy hour. Both Joe and Jill read the blog, so felt as if they knew everyone already. :) Jill is my mother's cousin. We lived across the street from each other while growing up.

Ann, from down the street, also made a stop to visit. I don't think I've mentioned that Benjamin is now walking.......the boy has no fear of steps either. :)

Gunda and Jim also stopped by to visit for a bit, too. Don had brought out some old photos of my family for Jill to peruse so those became part of the conversation, too. Around 7 we said goodbye to everyone and went out to dinner with Jill and Joe, taking them to Dardanelles on Monroe Street.

The next morning, Jill and Joe headed to Spring Green, WI, to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen, then continued westward on their road trip towards Boulder, CO, stopping along the way at various points of interest. Safe Journey!


Maniphone said...

I love those stuffed noise-making birds. I always wanted to get one for my boys but they never wanted one :( So cute.

kim said...

Sweet - the Hempsteads made the happy hour.... and the blog!! Love the road trip and too cool that they got to do happy hour!