Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Traverse City Continued....."

We finished up our bike ride on Sunday with sitting on the deck in back of the house we rented. There happened to be a party store "just around the corner" which we had to pass on the way home from our ride, where we stopped and bought some beer and pre-mixed margarita's. It was quite enjoyable.......

Another view from the deck area. The owners construction office is at the back of the house, shown in the photo, but it was rare to see them, and when we did, they parked out on the street, leaving the parking area in back totally for us.

My cousin Jill, and her husband, Joe, joined us that night for a margarita. We corresponded earlier in the week and hoped to connect while they were up north for the Labor Day weekend, although they stayed in Empire, which is about 24 miles away from Traverse City. After our impromptu "happy hour", we all went to dinner at The Blue Tractor. (

The next day, Labor Day, Patrick and Julie came over, bringing their bikes, so the 4 of us could go for a ride. We made it about 2 blocks before seeing Sean and Becky, who'd brought Becky's dog, Avie, and Morgan, Patrick's dog, who was staying with them for the weekend, to the beach at Clinch Park.
In the photo: me, Becky, Patrick, Sean, Julie, with Morgan in front (West Bay behind us).

As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, there "was" a zoo at one end of Clinch Park. I "think" that the animals are now all gone, but the small steam locomotive is still up and running. The conductor gave a whistle when he saw Don taking this photo. It must have been a test run, because normally, numerous adults/children would be riding in the cars.

To be continued........

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