Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Our Ride Continued......."

On our way back from Acme, where the trail ended, Don "just had" to stop and get a Dairy Queen. Unfortunately, he twisted my arm so hard that I HAD to say "YES!" to a vanilla cone. ;) I am not a fan of miniature golf, but the miniature golf course next to the Dairy Queen was really very nice. It was part of a recreational complex that sported go carts and a couple of other activities that support the tourist trade. All very nicely done and pleasing to the eye, I must say.........

As we got back into Traverse City, it was near to the time that Sean's culinary classes would be ending, so we rode over to see if we would be able to see him before he left for home. He'd probably have stopped by our house, so we'd have seen him anyway, but there was also a chance that we could have missed him, too. The Maritime, a State of Michigan Coast Guard ship, is moored behind the school. The Coast guard also has classes in the same building. Part of the school is seen in this photo.

I'd stayed up in front of the building, searching for Sean's bike. Unfortunately, I didn't know what his bike looked like, but did know that he wore riding shoes that lock onto his pedals, and was able to find only one bike that fit that description, so hoped it was his and that he hadn't left yet. For some reason, he'd looked out the window of his class at just the right time and saw me riding around out front, so came down to let me know he'd seen me, and that he be back down after he'd changed from his "chef's uniform". I was then able to ride out to where Don had disappeared......he was answering "The Call of the Bay", and had ridden out onto the pier/breakwater (?). Clinch Park is in the background of this photo, with a little of downtown Traverse City as well. :)

Don with a full view of the school building.

While using the "facilities", Don took this photo of inside the school's lobby. Don grew up on Long Island in New York, and was involved with sailing all of his childhood, and it still draws him like "a moth to a flame".......

Tomorrow.....Sean, Becky, and Beer! ;)

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MollyBeees said...

That's it. I'm going on vacation with your guys next time. You know how to do it up right! My 'vacations' to Stoughton and New Glarus aren't cutting it! :-)