Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Patrick and Julie's Wedding Day!"

My oldest son, Patrick, and his new bride, Julie! I HAVE A DAUGHTER IN LAW!!!!! :) I have gone from saying girlfriend, to fiancee, and now daughter in law. :) I'm not quite used to it yet. I'm sure it is nothing compared to what they think/feel. LOL

Julie is wearing my mother in law's wedding dress. Cindy's parents were married in the mid 1940's (I'm not sure exactly which year). When I moved from the cabin, Patrick took many things for his new house, plus many things of significance from both sides of our families, including his mother's (Cindy) and his grandmother's (Busia Bert's) wedding dresses. Julie had planned on wearing a non-traditional dress for their wedding, but her grandmothers both had other ideas. :) Long story short, she tried on Busia Bert's and it fit perfectly! She looked beautiful!!!

This photo shows the end of the wedding, but certainly not the end of Don's photo journalism. LOL I still have many photos to post that are from the wedding and reception. :) (Don took approximately 600 photos, but of course, not all are going to be posted. Many are of the same pose, taken quickly in succession, to get the "BEST" one)

This is Saint Michael's Catholic Church, in Port Austin, MI. As you can see, the weather was perfect!

Here we have the inside of Saint Michael's.

My cousin Jill, and her husband Joe, with me in front of the church.

"Bubble blowing" as the newlyweds came out of the church.

More photos to follow........

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