Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Electric Cars......"

Our ride with Patrick and Julie continued along the TART Trail after seeing Sean and Becky at Clinch Park. Instead of taking the route along the shores of West and East Bays, we took the turn that would allow us to ride along the shore of Boardman Lake.

Before reaching that part of the trail, we stopped to look at the electric cars/mopeds that are for rent (they also sell them). The old train station depot is where the office of E-Company, LLC, is located. (

There is the 2 passenger vehicle.......

.......and the 4 passenger vehicle. This one comes as a convertible with removable doors/sun roof, or the solid door model.

As you can see, their mopeds (both electric and gas models) come in a variety of bright do bicyclists. :)

There is also a nursery next to the train depot, so it was photo opt time. At their wedding reception, Patrick and Julie are planning on having small framed photos of themselves biking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, etc. It didn't take any arm twisting at all for "Photographer Don" to happily contribute to their stock of photos. ;)

Another one for consideration on the platform of the old Traverse City Train Depot.

Of course, we too, must have visual memories...... :)

More to come from our Traverse City visit.......

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